This is a summary of who we, the Youth League of the Norden Associations (FNUF), are, and what we do, in English. If you have any further questions about us you can get in touch using the contact info below.

FNUF is a politically independent umbrella organisation that consists of the Youth Leagues of the Norden Associations' organisations in the Nordic countries and the self-governing territories. 


Every national organisation sends two representatives to FNUF's spring- and autumn meetings, and this makes up FNUF's highest authority. 

In addition to the meetings FNUF has a working committee (AU) that works all year round planning and executing activities in accordance with the decisions made at the spring- and autumn meetings. AU is composed of three people from different countries: chair, vice-chair, and member. Everyone is elected for two years at a time.

We share secretariat with our mother organisation, the Federation of the Norden Associations (FNF), in central Copenhagen. That is where our Secretary General works, part-time, all year round, with various FNUF-projects.

Last but not least FNUF (and every member organisation) has observer status in the Nordic Youth Council (UNR). This place is taken by a FNUF representative who then also becomes a member of UNR's presidium, along with a deputy. Both are elected for two years.

FNUF's members consists of the following member organisations:

FNU Danmark: Nordic Association's Youth in Denmark

PNU: Youth League of Pohjola-Norden (Finland)

NUF: Nordic Youth League of Faroe Islands

UNF: Nordic Association's Youth section (Iceland)

FNU Norway: Nordic Association's Youth in Norway

FNUF Sweden: Youth League of the Nordic Association in Sweden

SORLAK (Greenland)



FNUF's member organisations meet several times a year to network, and get to know each other, get new knowledge and experiences, but most importantly to have fun together!

Spring- and autumn meetings: Take place twice a year in rotating locations for the sake of discussing FNUF activity, co-operation and more. This is where the elections for committee positions and representatives take place.

Café Norden: Café Norden is a yearly event whose host country rotates every year. It is held during a weekend towards the end of the year with some theme, such as young Nordic food, Nordic humour, Nordic languages etc. It is a very attractive event for members of FNUF's member organisations, and is therefore an excellent way to meet other Nordic youths with similar interests. 

Committee seminars: FNUF has recently started organising committee seminars every other year for member organisations' committee members. Each seminar has a different focus that might have something to do with for example new, or even innovative knowledge, new networks and friends in other committees to facilitate co-operation across borders, or an encouragement to experiment and be willing to face new challenges and so forth.

Other things: FNUF also hosts, is invited to, or is co-operating organising several conferences, lectures, workshops, and other Nordic events. FNUF has for example helped organise Nordjobb job- conferences and workshops, taken part in FNF conferences and house warmings, co-organised UNR mingles and been invited to the youth conference of the Nordic Children's and Youth's fund.

You can find a list of all of our past and upcoming events (in Scandinavian) here.